Specialist freight forwarding

Specialist freight forwarding

Specialist freight forwarding is a service industry that involves the movement of goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters. Freight forwarders have to be quick to adapt to ongoing challenges and increasing demands on global supply chains.

According to Ditlev Blicher, president of Asia-Pacific for the shipping line, increasing volatility in global supply chains means shipping lines must undergo a radical restructuring to survive

specialist freight services

He said: “The way that supply chains have operated over the last number of decades is no longer fit for purpose. We believe this environment of increased volatility is here to stay, and it will likely accelerate.”

This kind of pressure increases the workload of freight forwarding companies, who carry out a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Professional packing: When packing high value equipment such as MFPS and medical equipment there can be no such thing as damage limitation. All equipment must be carefully packed and stored for delivery.
  • Air exports and imports: When moving goods overseas the use of air travel can become important. Ensuring the timely delivery of goods is essential and will involve dealing with exports and imports smoothly.
  • Customs clearance: Specialist freight forwarding involves a large amount of documentation management relating to consignments moving around the globe. 

Work carried out by specialist freight forwarding companies can be extremely detailed and they will carry out these tasks to ensure that the equipment they have been asked to deliver arrives safely and on time. But why should a business use a freight forwarding expert?

Why use freight forwarding experts

When shipping goods internationally it is always advised to use experienced freight forwarding companies because they will understand the transport regulations for each country that customers want to ship to. They will also know the best modes of transport to use for each delivery undertaken as well as having a wide network of overseas agents who they have used before.

The valuable skills and knowledge freight service experts have will be a great asset to help ensure the safe delivery of goods overseas. They will also be able to offer advice and deal with any problems a business may have with their shipments. All of this will help remove the stress of having to work out all the details of how to safely transport the goods yourself. 

Furthermore, by being experts, freight forwarding companies will be well organised and able to manage any consignment given to them, no matter what the size. 


  1. What is specialist freight forwarding and what does it entail? Specialist freight forwarding is a service industry focused on the movement of goods globally on behalf of importers and exporters. Freight forwarders manage tasks such as professional packing, air exports and imports, and customs clearance to ensure the safe and timely delivery of consignments.
  2. Why should businesses use freight forwarding experts for international shipments? Experienced freight forwarding companies understand transport regulations for various countries, utilise the best modes of transport for each delivery, and have extensive networks of overseas agents. Their valuable skills and knowledge ensure the safe delivery of goods and enable them to handle any issues.
  3. How can freight forwarding experts reduce the stress of international shipping for businesses? Freight forwarding experts offer advice, manage documentation, and handle shipment problems, removing the burden of organising safe transportation from businesses. 
  4. What freight forwarding services do Relay offer to businesses? Relay offers a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services, including transportation of large equipment and smaller items. Our highly experienced team handles shipping and delivery, leveraging worldwide networks with extensive experience in handling high value, fragile equipment. 

Here at Relay we offer a wide range of freight forwarding services to your business. Our highly experienced team are able to deal with the transportation of large equipment, as well as smaller individual items. If you would like to use our freight services and have access to our worldwide networks - which have extensive experience in handling high value fragile equipment, shipping and delivery - then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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