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Specialist Technical Transport Services

In a specialist transport logistics marketplace that demands precision, reliability and flexibility, our people and our fleet must be best in class. As a transportation specialist with a wide experience in the movement of technical equipment and in dealing with consignments of sophisticated electronics, we ensure that each project we undertake for transporting high value equipment is carefully planned, very secure and fully resourced.

Relay provides exceptional specialist transport services, with experience in the logistics and handling of a very wide range of high value, vulnerable equipment such as photocopiers, laboratory and medical equipment, as well as transporting fragile equipment of high value such as IT consignments and computers. Transportation of large equipment which is expensive, bulky and fragile such as this should always be moved by companies offering specialist tech transport services such as Relay.

We offer:

  • Specialist technical transport for the movement of technical equipment using 68 custom built, climate controlled, tail-lift, air-ride vehicles operating out of sites near London, Manchester and Glasgow.
  • More than 150 driving staff trained in customer care and specialist machine handling. There extensive transportation specialist skills in the movement of technical equipment and its installation at point of end use are built on experience in managing widely varied items of customer equipment used in a range of industry sectors. 
  • The very latest resources for the specialist transportation of large equipment and its handling to easily overcome the logistics issues of awkward sites.
  • Positioning and unpacking of your transported equipment.
  • Collection, transport and disposal of packaging and redundant equipment including computers. Our transportation specialist services ensure that customers and end users can be fully confident that we will see every project through from beginning to end and to their total satisfaction. 

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Efficient Distribution

Increased load capacity means fewer journeys, which in turn:

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Benefits the environment in reducing emissions and congestion
  • Makes our tech transport services more competitive for our customers.

Recent additions to our tech transport fleet are invaluable additions to our resources for transporting high value equipment. They include:

  • New Mercedes Atego 1224L 12 tonne trucks, which provide us with 4 tonnes additional load capacity over the 7.5 tonne vehicles in our fleet.
  • A new 18 tonne Atego has also been recently acquired and is being used for heavy equipment shipping and for handling larger consignments.

These vehicles are dual compartment and fitted to Relay’s bespoke specifications. This ensures that moving high value IT, consignments of equipment for offices and laboratories, or any other fragile customer assets we regularly handle, can be carried out with maximum safety and security. We have also had the sleeper cabs changed to crew cabs, allowing for the option of an extra crew member in the vehicles when required for transporting fragile equipment and it's handling at point of end use.

Urban Assignments

Other recent additions to our tech transport fleet include new extra lightweight 7.5 tonne trucks. These are particularly invaluable because:

  • The exceptionally well designed load area of these vans allows for between one and 1.2 tonnes more goods on board than could normally be expected in vehicles of this tonnage.
  • They are ideal for performing collections and deliveries in increasingly urban areas which are becoming increasingly congested.
  • All our new vehicles are Euro 6 compliant, meaning that they fulfil the highest environmental specifications.

Investment for Quality

Our expanding fleet permits us to meet the increasing demand for our tech transport services without any compromise to our high quality standards.

We need to ensure total safety of highly fragile equipment while maintaining rigorous schedules and deadlines and our investment in vehicles fully supports these aims.