Transporting commercial coffee machines

Who can I get to move and install my large, commercial coffee machine?

In a word. Relay. We know how precious your commercial coffee machine is to your business – be it a food outlet, café, restaurant, pub, bar or your staff canteen. Judging by the proliferation of coffee shops across Britain, it would be safe to say that coffee is fast becoming the national drink. All the more reason why it is important to get your coffee machine transported safely and installed quickly.

Our comprehensive IT transport management process means your highly valued coffee machine can be monitored in real time – you will always know exactly where it is, night or day, minute by minute. In addition, our best-in-class fleet of vehicles will maintain your machine at precisely the right temperature and keep it protected from any adverse movements by secure fastenings and air-ride suspension.

Prior to delivery to the end point, we will have confirmed with you the site requirements for the effective installation of your coffee machine – electricity supply within the required distance from the machine; having the correct electrical supply for the machine ready on site; a mains water supply with the correct mains pressure, connections and valves; a suitable counter top for siting the machine.

Once in situ, our specialist technical staff will unpack your machine, inspect it and install it in its proposed location. Water, water filtration (if necessary) and power will all be connected. Finally, the coffee machine will be commissioned and function tested to ensure it is operating to factory specifications. All packaging and protective wrapping materials will be tidied up and taken away for disposal.

And then … sit back and smell the coffee.

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