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Who can transport and install banking systems?’ Tech transport, technical logistics service with Relay

Transporting and installing cash machines, ATMs and banking systems can be a nerve wracking experience with expensive and important equipment to consider.


From transporting technical baking systems to installing pneumatic tube systems - which involves combining elements of plumbing, construction, electrical and data network installation - all require logistical expertise in the field. With all of this in mind, finding the right logistics company that understands the importance of such equipment is paramount for such a job.

Our specialist systems relocation team can ensure that the transportation and installation of banking systems is carried out skilfully with the utmost care and precision. Our ATM relocation services include our own comprehensive IT management system, so you can track your delivery in real time, ensuring your delivery is on schedule and safely handled.

Our highly trained transportation specialists can ensure any technical equipment is transported and installed with ease. Each of our transportation vehicles also come with padded flooring, and offer climate control to ensure the transportation and installation of banking systems is carried out safely.

As a specialist systems relocation company, we take pride in our work, and do everything we can to understand your company, cargo and transportation journey to minimise any complications when transporting such goods. If you’d like to find out more, or have a consultation on specific goods you need transported, get in touch today.

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