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‘Who can transport and install Dental equipment?’ Tech transport, technical logistics service with Relay

Dental equipment can be difficult to move, with its delicate and cumbersome range of apparatus. This is why using a reliable transportation specialist company can make all the difference when considering such a move.


From complex machinery, such as ultrasonic cleaners and disinfectant washers, to heavier necessities such as dental chairs, our specialist team are well versed in the transport and installation of all dental equipment, and ensures it is moved with care a precision.

As transportation specialists, we understand the importance of your equipment, which is why our vehicles are installed with the latest technology. Our satellite tracking systems means you can monitor your delivery in real time throughout the process to give you peace of mind; and with our air cushioned vehicles installed with climate control technology, we can ensure that your important dental equipment can be transported with ease, and in a safe environment.

Our specialist transport logistics team also make sure any technical devices can be installed at the destination, ensuring that your equipment is up and running before our team leave.

As one of Britain’s leading transportation specialists we take the time to plan out your journey from start to finish, so that any potential risks such a narrow doorways or parking facilities, can be mediated. Our highly trained team of technicians are fully dedicated to successful outcomes from the start to the end of your journey with us.

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