IT Servers – moving computer equipment

Who can transport and install IT servers?

We can – with our expertise focused on transporting and installing delicate and technical equipment between cities, or indeed across the UK.


IT Servers in particular are a necessity in an organisations functionality, being used to manage network resources, and in some cases controlling access to a network, managing print jobs, or even hosting a website. This makes IT server relocation projects high priority and time sensitive. 

With this in mind, the ability to plan and implement your equipment transportation and installation is important to us. From start to finish, we provide excellent service and oversee the entire end-to-end process. With our comprehensive IT transport management process, we can track your transportation in real time, to make sure you are always aware of where and when your equipment will be delivered. Our vehicles are all climate controlled, with air cushioning and protective flooring to reduce the risk of damage, and make sure your equipment arrives safely.

When it comes to moving high value IT consignments it is important to operate a seamless process which delivers the requirements of the customer. At Relay our team of transportation specialists are fully trained to handle delicate IT equipment.  

Our specialist IT transport knowledge means we understand the delicacy of the items we handle. We make sure we offer you a full service from start to finish, with a focus on care, precision, and minimising downtime.

As part of our IT relocation services, we are able to collect, transport, deliver and install your equipment. Whether it is a one-off IT relocation, or an ongoing demand, our team will be on hand to support you. This includes IT server relocation projects, which are always handled by professionals.

Our transportation logistics services also make sure our staff are fully trained to carry out your IT server relocation, in order to make the process easier than ever. All in all, you can be reassured that your IT server will be in safe hands.

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