Technical Transportation and Installation of LCD screens

Technical Transportation and Installation of LCD Screens with Relay

LCD screens are used more and more as digital signage and large scale communication devices in reception areas, exhibition halls or places where there is a large passing footfall.


And they certainly do grab attention. Web connectivity, enabling news feeds, Twitter feeds, weather updates and YouTube videos means that their constantly changing content, their use of vivid colours and contemporary imagery draws the eye.

Banks of LCD screens used and programmed together have even more impact. Whole walls can be transformed into an eye catching moving image. If this doesn’t grab attention in your reception or visitors’ area, nothing will.

Being both heavy and fragile, the transportation and installation of LCD screens can be challenging for many. Our specialist system relocation teams have built up a considerable amount of experience when it comes to the technical transportation and installation LCDs, including a range of high value IT, audio visual and interactive equipment.

Our comprehensive IT transport management process means that once your highly prized bank of LCD screens has been carefully packed and collected, it can be monitored in real time – you will always know exactly where it is, night or day, minute by minute. In addition, our best-in-class fleet of vehicles will maintain your screens at precisely the right temperature and keep them protected from any adverse movements by secure fastenings and air-ride suspension.

Once your LCD screens have arrived at the end-user location our specialist systems relocation team can ensure the technical transportation and installation of your LCD screen is complete, making sure your equipment is up and running before we leave. All packaging and protective wrapping materials are then tidied up and taken away for disposal, making the relocation on your LCD screens as easy as possible.

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