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Multi-skilled delivery crews

Relay is experienced in handling a wide range of equipment and not only delivers to exact point of use but also ensures that it is fully operational, ready for use and that end users are fully versed in its use.

Our crews are skilled installers and will perform a range of tasks such as:

  • Fitting ancillaries to a photocopier, loading it with toner and paper, powering up and performing the Green Button test to confirm full functionality
  • Plumbing a coffee machine into the water supply, powering up, loading with coffee beans and making a test coffee
  • Drilling and bolting down very heavy safes, ATM’s or cash counting devices to concrete floors
  • Demonstrating the equipment and instructing staff in its use as required

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During any IT relocation (or any other technical relocation for that matter), precise and carefully planned schedules are essential to minimise any operational downtime for the customer. This normally makes weekends the ideal time to carry out IT and data centre relocation projects, typically starting operations at 6pm on a Friday.

Consignments may be split over multiple vehicles to safeguard against unforeseen incidents such as road accident or theft. Our sophisticated IT and communications systems ensure that the status and location of every shipment is continually and accurately monitored.


Relay employs the very latest specialist handling equipment to easily overcome the logistics issues of the most awkward sites. Our experienced driving and handling crews come fully prepared with equipment to overcome any access problems at the end user site and deliver the customer’s fragile and high value electronic assets undamaged to point of use.

Equipment to meet such challenges as narrow stairways and entrances will include stairclimbers and tilting devices. For particularly difficult installation projects, we can arrange for hiab lorries, cranes, hoists, scaffolding and other specialist handling equipment to be brought on site.

Scheduling of installation projects is meticulously planned so that they minimise downtime and disruption for the end user’s business and avoid such issues as peak time urban traffic delays.