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Technical Movement

There are many haulage companies in the UK that offer excellent services in transporting a wide variety of goods. However, we strongly believe that there are no UK haulage companies that can match Relay in our specialist area of handling high value, bulky and vulnerable equipment, ranging from photocopiers to vending machines and from audio-visual equipment to medical scanners.


Temperature controlled load spaces in our vehicles will maintain ambient temperatures that are ideal for electronic equipment in transit. Together with our range of protective measures for equipment transport such as load locking and strapping in our vehicles, Relay ensures that every consignment in transit benefits from the very highest standards of care.


Also, in our specialist area of equipment transport and logistics, we have specific challenges met that are distinct from UK haulage companies that transport less vulnerable and valuable items. The transportation of large equipment which is fragile, expensive and frequently essential to the end user requires a range of specialist skills and resources to ensure damage free delivery.

We therefore ensure that:

  • Tracking procedures are totally consistent and accurate, which is why we continually invest in the latest IT and monitoring equipment to a much greater extent than is common for road haulage companies.
  • Our people that manage and process consignments and the transportation of large equipment from collection point to delivery to the end user are exceptionally well trained, highly skilled, fully resourced and totally committed to providing faultless services at every stage.
  • Customers that use our equipment transport services are kept aware of the exact status of their goods in transit at all times.

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