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Who can transport and install AV equipment?

The safe and timely transportation and installation of AV equipment is important for several industry sectors – conference and event management, hotels, exhibi-tion halls – but is critical for the entertainment industry.


The show really can’t go on if there’s no sound. Or if the video wall behind the stage is blank.

Spectators and devoted fans – who have often spent a small fortune on tickets – expect a sound and visual display second to none. Today’s headline acts are supported by stunning audio and visual spectacles, making creative use of mul-timedia content and imagery.

Similarly, large corporate events – AGMs, conferences, business conventions – are being turned into fully immersive sound and visual experiences designed to wow and reassure stakeholders. .

The AV equipment needed to stage productions, shows, events such as these is expensive, fragile and often bulky and as such needs very careful and experienced handling.

That’s where we come in. Relay are specialists in the collection, packing, transportation, delivery and installation of high value technical and IT equipment. Our custom built, air ride vehicles and our experienced and highly trained staff will mean that your AV equipment is in safe hands.

Moreover, our comprehensive transport management process and tracking will tell us (and you) exactly where your consignment is at any point in time, day or night.

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