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I need to move some data storage equipment

Data is fast becoming a highly prized commodity. Most business could not function without data. How can key decisions be made without access to appropriate data? Get the picture.


This means, of course, that the transportation and installation of data storage equipment is also highly sought after. Therefore any data centre relocation requires careful planning and immaculate execution. Effective decision making ends when you don’t have robust information in front of you.

The range of equipment involved in data storage includes server racks, data racks, power supplies, network switches and fibre assemblies, patch panels, environmental monitoring and control boxes. And so on. The common theme with all these products is that they all need careful handling.

If you require the transportation and installation of data storage equipment then we have you covered. Whether you are wanting the collection and transportation of just a few pieces of data storage equipment or you are looking to carry out an entire data centre relocation, Relay has the experience, equipment, custom built vehicles and trained staff to ensure your equipment is properly protected. Our IT equipment handling and data centre relocation expertise and resources will be rigorously applied from moment of dismantling through to reconnection at the other end. Our vehicles are both air cushioned and climate controlled; our staff are experienced and highly trained in this specialist area of logistics; and our support systems include a comprehensive transport management process, GPRS satellite tracking on all consignments and real time electronic POD retrieval.

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