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Who can transport and install MFDs?

A Multifunctional Device, or MFD, is at the heart of corporate work, from scanning or printing, to photocopying and even emailing, from one single device.

There’s no question that they are an integral part of office life, making work more manageable and to completion faster.

The transportation and installation of MFDs however, can be time consuming, difficult and not to mention exhausting to manage. It’s surprising that many businesses across the UK are unaware that these appliances can easily be transported and installed by transportation specialists.

Relay can take care of the transportation and installation of MFDs from small desktop units, to larger, freestanding appliances. With specially trained logistic staff on hand, and tailored vehicles to meet the needs of technical and delicate equipment, we have built a reputable business on our high quality service. Our transportation vehicles are both air cushioned and temperature controlled, to ensure your equipment is handled with care, and installed with expert guidance.

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