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DOP (Deliver, Offload, Position)

Relay meticulously plans every aspect of the deliver, offload and position (DOP) process so that every installation is carried out with maximum efficiency.

We provide a complete transport and logistics service to our customers and their end user associates, using our versatile fleet operated by highly skilled crews renowned for their professionalism and customer care.This includes extensive experience in the movement of technical equipment, such as IT relocation assignments which invariably require highly accurate planning and scheduling.

Our white glove delivery technique provides more than just a delivery service. The DOP process requires considerable expertise and Relay makes sure that our experienced crews have exactly the right apparatus at their disposal for the movement of technical equipment. Our speciality is in handling very expensive, awkwardly bulky and frequently very fragile customer equipment. This is often critical to the end user’s operations, such as our deliveries to hospitals and laboratories. We are well aware of the importance of each and every job we undertake and the serious responsibilities we take on.

Relay is committed to ensuring that customer consignments are delivered to the precise point of end use, totally undamaged and fully functioning. Our aim with every IT relocation or any other type of equipment DOP is to cause minimum disruption to the end user’s workplace during positioning procedures. We pride ourselves on our white glove delivery approach of providing a high quality of care and customer service when delivering products to end users. Additionally, we can also remove decommissioned equipment for disposal in strict accordance with legal requirements.

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Delivery Tracking

The status of every delivery is meticulously monitored through our advanced IT and telecommunications systems. Same day or timed deliveries are accurately scheduled and POD confirmation signatures recorded via the Relay crew’s handheld PDAs.



Customer high value assets are carefully offloaded from our tail-lift vehicles, unpacked (with packaging removed for WEEE recycling) and delivered to point of end use using specialist handling equipment such as stair-climbers.



Our technically experienced crews can position the consignment exactly where required and carry out all necessary installation services to ensure the equipment is ready for use.

These include loading plugging in photocopiers and loading with paper and toner (or plumbing in coffee machines), powering up, testing the equipment is performing perfectly (Green Button Test) and demonstrating to customer staff to instruct them in its use.