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Who can transport and install multifunctional printers?

Why have three machines when one will do? This is the unique selling point of multifunctional printers which combine photocopying, printing, scanning and fax features all in one device.

For the small office or workgroup, they are ideal as they feature all this functionality within one machine, taking up minimum footprint. It means just one machine to service, hold spares for and find room for. Of course, there is a flip side. If it does breakdown, you lose all functionality.

By having just the one machine, it does, therefore, make it all the more valuable for the efficient running of the office. All the more reason to entrust the care of your MFP with an experienced technical transportation company like Relay.

Our specialist logistics personnel will make sure your MFP is carefully prepared for moving and is protected using foam, blankets, specialist straps and corner pieces. Careful handling will be assured thanks to our specialist lifting equipment, trained staff and vehicle tail lifts. Once on board our custom built vehicles, your equipment will be fully protected from any environmental changes by a sensitive climate control system; air-ride suspension ensures a smooth and bump-free ride. Throughout its journey, a unique reference number given to your assignment means that we (and you) can know exactly where your MFP is, day or night, in real time.

At its new location, your MFP will be carefully positioned in its new home, unpacked, installed and tested to confirm that it is fully operational and ready for use. Whether it’s one device or one hundred, you can be reassured that your multifunctional printers will be in safe hands.

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