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Who can I get to transport and install my company vending machine?

Relay’s specialist technical transportation team, that’s who.


We know how important a vending machine is to you and your staff. There’s nothing worse than reaching that dip at 3 pm, realising that the only thing that will get you to through to 5.30 pm is a man-sized Marathon bar and a cup of tea and then finding the vending machine broken. If it’s terminal, senior management could have a riot on their hands if they don’t get another one ordered sharpish.

Once ordered, we suggest, if you want to keep your staff on-side, you look to a professional technical transportation and installation company like Relay. Our specialist personnel will ensure your vending machine is carefully prepared for moving and is protected using specialist straps, foam, blankets and corner pieces. The very latest specialist handling equipment combined with vehicle tail lifts and specially trained staff will ensure your highly prized equipment is always in safe hands. Once on board one of our custom built vehicles, your vending machine will be fully protected from any environmental changes by sophisticated climate control systems. In addition, the air-ride suspensions ensure a smooth and bump-free journey.

Every consignment, however big or small, is given a unique job reference number which is used to track every delivery throughout its journey. We (and you) can know exactly where your vending machine is, day or night, in real time.

Upon arrival, our multi-skilled crews – experienced in handling a wide range of different equipment types – will ensure your vending machine is fully operational, tested, with packaging cleared away and ready for use.

Happy staff, happy management.

For a highly successful delivery and installation of a vending machine in particularly tricky circumstances – read this case study describing our work for Brighton University.

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