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Who can transport and install printers?

Rather like for photocopiers, the evolvement of the ‘paperless’ office might well have sounded the death knell for printers in the workplace.

The reality, of course, is very different. There is always a need for paper documents – legally, financially or just for expedience.

Just like with photocopiers, Relay has built up a wealth of experience and skills when moving printers for distributors and customers. Printers, although quite often bulky, contain many delicate parts which are susceptible to damage if they are not packed and transported carefully.

As part of our specialist IT relocation services, our team are able to handle and deliver printers to your place of work. They are delicate items which need to be treated with maximum care at every stage of a transportation project.

Our specialist teams have handled many printer movements and so know, for example, which models require the removal of ink tanks and which don’t, which have scanning locks and which don’t. Once decommissioned and packed, our operatives will carefully manoeuvre your printers into position onto one of our specialist best-in-class vehicles where they will be maintained at precisely the right temperature and protected from any adverse movements by air-ride suspension and secure fastenings. Once in their new location, each printer will be carefully put back together, paper trays fitted, tested and handed over with appropriate manuals and training if needed.

And like photocopiers, the transportation and installation of printers is Relay’s ‘bread and butter’ which is why, when we get asked to move valuable equipment like photocopiers and printers for the first time by a new client, it’s never normally the last time.

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