Specialist equipment storage testing and training

Testing and Training

Relay’s nationwide network of secure hi-tech warehousing depots and logistics centres are located at Iver, close to London Heathrow Airport, Warrington in Cheshire and Coatbridge near Glasgow. This provides an excellent spread of locations across the UK for our national and worldwide transport and logistics services and also provides our customers in these different regions the opportunity to visit our depots and find out the range of services offered on site.

For along with their value to a logistics company and its customers as hubs for specialist equipment storage and distribution, Relay’s depots also provide invaluable centres for on-site activities such as:

  • Engineer testing and training
  • Demonstration
  • Pre-delivery installation and refurbishment
  • PDI testing of equipment such as photocopiers and ATMs

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Technical Transport

Relay’s technical transport crews also undertake regular training and testing programmes in safe driving techniques as well as continual training updates on the features of the equipment they install in their capacity as engineers and technicians. 

This training allows our crews to have the knowledge and skills required to maintain and control our high-tech warehousing depots. They are able to handle and place valuable equipment safely and efficiently. 

Our three depots are staffed with an expert workforce with experience in handling all types of consignment and logistical requirement and they can provide important support and advice for our customers on wide range of technical issues. Their skill and service commitment is essential to the success of Relay’s specialist equipment storage and distribution network.

A main capability which our workforce acquires through training is technical equipment handling skills to ensure all assets are kept safe in one of our warehouses before it gets transported on. From the moment a customer asset arrives at our door we use all our knowledge and high quality equipment to protect it from getting damaged or misplaced. 

Relay can provide a range of invaluable facilities at our depots for the businesses that we serve. For instance, customers will frequently send their engineers to build boxed machines, integrating separate components such as document feeders and toner cartridges into the photocopier system in training for future deliveries. Other customers use our depots to refurbish second hand hardware, repairing and replacing parts before sending machines out for onward resale.

Our nationwide specialist equipment storage locations not only provide excellent technical warehousing but also a variety of skills and resources that are invaluable to our customers and their operations. We continually build on these facilities and revise our testing and training programmes whenever necessary.