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Relay has the skills and resources to site all types of valuable and fragile customer equipment, delivered and positioned to point of end use within a building, whether it be a classroom at a school, a canteen within a hospital, a laboratory within a university or to a specific footprint within a datacentre. We also ensure that the process is meticulously planned to avoid delays or disruptions.

Relay will assess site survey information provided by the customer or end user and will use this information to ensure the suitable manpower, equipment and time is allocated to the delivery.

Relay can provide site surveys at two different levels:

  • Basic Site Survey: Carried out by Relay crews using basic site survey forms.
  • Advanced Site Survey: Carried out by Relay project managers and involving detailed site survey reports with photographs. Advanced site surveys are recommended for multi-machine deliveries and very awkward sites (e.g. deliveries requiring a crane). Methods statements and risk assessments will also be provided as standard.

If the site survey information highlights obstacles such as access problems, Relay will recommend a site survey is carried out by one of our specialist site surveyors.

Issues such as parking restrictions will also be assessed and additional crew recommended if necessary to overcome the problems.

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