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Relay Technical Transport is a specialist transport services company that is a market leader in the planning, scheduling, collection, handling, storage and movement of delicate and valuable electronic equipment. This includes transporting high value equipment such as computer hardware, scientific and medical equipment, printers, copiers, vending equipment and many other fragile items. As a specialist transport and logistics company, we have well-equipped and highly trained 2-man delivery crews (with additional transportation specialist personnel in place when required) that will ensure the safe transportation and avoid damage to these valuable assets.

Relay Technical Transport provides:

  • Skilled personnel (minimum 2-man delivery per consignment), proven reliability and a friendly, professional service.Transporting high value equipment, whether large or small, receives the same level of care and attention to detail.
  • Leading edge technological resources and online facilities and support. All transport and logistics consignments are monitored constantly and the status of each tech transport delivery meticulously recorded.
  • Equipment handling geared to minimise environmental impact and to fully comply with Health and Safety best practice, meeting and exceeding government regulations and standards for transport companies in the UK.

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Relay’s specialist transport services

Relay’s domestic specialist transport services can be dovetailed with our international specialist freight forwarding services to provide an end-to-end worldwide freight logistics solution. Handover between our UK and international technical freight specialists will be seamless and comprehensive.This means that we can offer a one-stop solution for our customers, who can be assured that their valuable equipment will be in safe hands throughout our worldwide network.

Relay Technical Transport offers your company a one stop solution for all your specialist technical transport requirements.

Relay Technical Transport offers your company a single port of call - one partner with no boundaries - covering every aspect of logistics planning and execution.

Relay is a market leader in the storage, handling and distribution of delicate and valuable electronic equipment.

Transporting high value equipment requires specialist tech transport expertise to avoid damage in transit. These include:

  • IT and telecommunications hardware
  • Scientific and medical equipment
  • Printers and MFPs
  • Photocopiers
  • Vending and coffee machines
  • Refrigeration equipment

Relay Technical Transport provides:

  • Skilled transportation specialist personnel, proven reliability and friendly professional service
  • Consistent high levels of care and attention for every consignment of valuable equipment large or small
  • Leading edge technological resources and online track and trace facilities
  • Constant monitoring of consignments and meticulous recording of delivery status
  • Tech transport operations geared to minimise environmental impact and to fully comply with Health & Safety best practice
  • Working procedures that both meet and exceed government regulations and standards for transport companies in the UK

Relay’s Development

Relay has over 40 years of experience in logistics and in the early days our projects involved transporting drilling equipment to service the North Sea oil boom, centred on Aberdeen

Since then, our transport business has changed and expanded as our focus shifted to the logistics challenge of handling valuable and fragile business, technical and scientific equipment.

Our growing network of experienced international haulage partners means that we can offer transport for shipments of valuable equipment throughout Europe and worldwide.

Relay personnel in every area of operations are experts in their field and we retain the merits that drove the growth of our business from day one:

  • Commitment to quality control
  • Flexibility
  • Good value
  • Professional integrity

Relay has won itself a strong reputation for excellence in the tech transport and logistics sector and we lead the field among transport companies in the UK in the application of technology for controlling and safeguarding consignments of valuable equipment throughout the whole collection and delivery process.

Technical IT

Our comprehensive transport management process gives our customers a complete picture of every Relay delivery at any time. Read more

Facts & Figures

  • Relay Technical Transport was established in 1975
  • Relay operates national, pan-European and worldwide logistics, delivery and collection services
  • Our goods transport fleet of over 60 specialist vehicles ranges from 3.5 tonne Sprinter vans up to 40ft articulated trucks and includes a wide selection of 7.5 tonne, 12 tonne and 18 tonne rigid body delivery vehicles.
  • All Relay vehicles are equipped with air-ride suspension, load locking systems and tail lifts
  • We have over 100,000 square feet of secure, temperature controlled warehousing
  • We have three strategically located logistics operating centres close to London,  Manchester and Glasgow
  • Our logistics IT partnership with Mandata provides integrated warehousing, track & trace, POD and finance systems
  • Relay operates according to rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and performance measurement criteria


Relay Coatbridge


Relay's Scottish base is situated just outside Glasgow and approximately 30 miles from Edinburgh, with regular deliveries include to Scotland's Silicon Glen electronics production region stretching from Inverclyde in the west to Fife on the east coast

Relay Iver


Relay’s Buckinghamshire Head Office is situated near Heathrow Airport and close to the M40, M4 and M25 motorways. Areas served include London, locations to the west of the Capital and mainland Europe

Relay Warrington


Relay Warrington is close to the M6 between Liverpool and Manchester. It is ideally located for services to North Wales, Northern England and south to Birmingham