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Technical IT

Relay’s comprehensive transport management process means we can know exactly what goods are where and at precisely what time, which gives our customers a complete ongoing picture of every Relay delivery. A unique job reference number enables them to follow the transport of their consignments en route for both single and multiple deliveries.  Tracking System

We can provide:

  • Platform to platform data transfer (EDI) enabling rapid and accurate job booking
  • Web based job booking enabling smooth and paperless orders
  • GPRS satellite tracking for all vehicles and individual consignments relating to the transport of high value equipment and specialist systems relocation 
  • Real time electronic POD retrieval
  • Signed Relay delivery notes viewable via Relay website within 24 hours

Relay's procedures and resources ensure that at every stage, the technical equipment collection and delivery assignments for our customers are strictly monitored and the location and status of their high value assets is continually identifiable. 

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Relay’s IT transport and logistics systems are being continually updated and upgraded. Landmark initiatives we have undertaken in acquiring new IT and communication resources have included:

  • Geofencing: a positioning tool to pinpoint the exact status of a delivery or collection. Geofencing creates a virtual area on a map surrounding the postcode reference of the delivery or collection point. This fence acts as a trigger mechanism for sending instructions to fleet control, informing the transport logistics manager of the status of goods in transit.
  • Navtech Mapping System: exceptional freight transport navigation software with benefits including new look maps with improved customer interface and the ability to track order numbers rather than vehicles whenever customers require.
  • Semi-rugged smartphones: invaluable in-cab handheld tools for Relay crews. Their benefits include the ability for crews navigate to a destination via their downloaded daily manifest, with just a single click able to route a truck from its current position to the next scheduled address. This reduces mileage and fuel consumption involved in equipment deliveries and specialist systems relocation assignments, enhancing supply chain solutions with both cost and environmental benefits, achieved by maximising operating efficiencies throughout the technical equipment collection and delivery process.
  • Customer and internal IT infrastructure: the installation of EFM circuits (Ethernet in the First Mile IEEE standard) and Wi-Fi networks at Relay depots provide the latest in fast response speeds between our depots and customers via our mail client services. The transport and logistics network platforms are centrally managed, providing continual monitoring to ensure that their efficiencies are not compromised.
  • Cloud communication: Our depots are linked by enhanced networks using Wireless and EFM (Ethernet Final Mile) technologies. This allows our core operating Manpack systems to be relocated on remote servers. Via the cloud, users can access these transportation specialist facilities from an internet connection anywhere in the world. Our back office Microsoft technologies have also been moved into the cloud, again offering the opportunity of internet access internationally.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Our WMS system is a major asset for the warehousing aspect of supply chain solutions. It provides for higher levels of inventory accuracy and gives customers online visibility of their stock levels of their assets in transit, including for specialist systems relocation, through its web based reporting tools.

Relay’s skilled personnel have had years of experience in undertaking the safe management of high value electronics and technical equipment collection, transport, delivery and installation at point of end use. We also have ensured that they have all the resources they require to ensure a totally successful outcome for every assignment.