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Who can I get to transport our interactive screens?

Whether you are transporting single use interactive display screens for workstations or multiple screens that form an entire display feature, designed to give your reception area the wow factor, they all share one overriding feature: breakability.


It’s why you should always look to a professional, specialist transportation company like Relay to entrust your fragile IT equipment and screens. Moving interactive display screens and other specialist IT equipment is our bread and butter. We are, after all, the market leader in the planning, scheduling, collection, handling, storage and movement of delicate and valuable electronic equipment.

We have many years’ experience of moving high value IT consignments and all our staff know what it takes to handle such goods. Over time we have been able to perfect our skills and adapt our processes to deal with any IT equipment projects that we are required to undertake. 

We understand fully the intricacies of moving different types of delicate equipment and we come prepared for the transportation and installation of interactive displays: we have all the right packing materials and safeguards to carefully wrap and protect your equipment such as specialist straps, foam, blankets and corner pieces; our custom built vehicles come with tail lifts to facilitate a smooth transition into the truck; sophisticated climate control systems and air-ride suspension fitted to all our vehicles mean that your equipment is safeguarded against temperature peaks and lows and bumps in the road surface during the journey.

Your interactive display screen consignment, however big or small, will be given a unique job reference number which is used to track its delivery throughout its journey. During the entire operation dealing with the transportation and installation of interactive displays, we (and you) can know exactly where your LCD screen or screens are, day or night, in real time.

Upon arrival, our multi-skilled crews – experienced in handling a wide range of different equipment types – will ensure your screens are fully operational, tested, with packaging cleared away and ready for use.

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