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Technical Logistics

Using the centres of technical logistics at our three depots, and our specialist transport logistics knowledge, we are able to structure an effective nationwide supply chain, and support our European logistics and international operations.

Every transport and logistics assignment requires careful planning and the demands of each customer must be met with the appropriate skills and resources.

As a leading specialist logistics company, we are committed to meet the requirements for handling high value vulnerable customer assets in full and without compromise. As a responsible logistics company, we are also determined to ensure that our corporate social responsibility policies are compiled with, so as to minimise the environmental impact of our specialist freight services operations.

Key aspects include:

  • Delivering reliable transport and logistics operations, which involve undertaking detailed route and schedule planning. They also require conducting pre-delivery site visits to ensure that any issues of access are solved and deliveries are carried out as rapidly and efficiently as possible. These are essential aspects of Relay's technical logistics service.
  • Ensuring optimum consignment visibility through investing in the latest tracking and PDA systems to support efficiency. As a technically advanced logistics company, with extensive specialist transport logistics experience, Relay has prioritised the need to acquire leading edge logistics transport IT support and has a long-standing IT partnership with the highly reputed logistics companies UK specialist provider Mandata
  • Using energy efficient fully equipped vehicles carefully selected for our technical logistics service, maximising efficiency of both open road and urban freight transport deliveries
  • Grouping loads to cut costs, rationalise delivery planning, reduce fuel consumption and minimise wastage, principles of efficient transport and logistics practice that we promote throughout all areas of our UK and European logistics networks and worldwide operations
  • Managing the safe disposal and recycling of unwanted equipment and packing materials. Our customers can be completely confident that in common with the best logistics companies UK and internationally,we fully comply with both the letter and spirit of regulations relating to dealing with waste generated by freight transport and road haulage operations.
  • Promoting efficient handling and energy reduction measures in warehouses, including storage and warehouse management, lighting, temperature control and insulation. Relay offers state-of-the-art facilities to support our technical logistics service that maximise carbon reduction opportunities while also providing optimum storage conditions and security of customer assets.

Our network of depots provides essential support for our national and European logistics operations as well as our international freight forwarding services. Our specialist transport logistics skills enable your goods to be handled and delivered securely. Among logistics companies UK-wide, Relay is a leader in the provision of technical logistics relating to the transport and delivery of high value vulnerable equipment.

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