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I need to move and install an interactive whiteboard

Walk into any classroom or training room these days and your eyes will be drawn very quickly to an enormous screen hanging on one of the walls. This is an interactive whiteboard – today’s equivalent of the blackboard and chalk method of yesteryear.

And they are big, measuring up to 78 or even 88 inches in length. They are also heavy and delicate. After all, they are, essentially, a very large computer and screen rolled into one, with their own operating system and software. As such, interactive whiteboards need careful handling and transportation. This is where we come in, with our specialist movers and installers who are experienced in transporting heavy, bulky yet fragile equipment of high value.

Our comprehensive IT transport management process means that once your highly prized interactive whiteboard has been carefully packed and collected, it can be monitored in real time – you will always know exactly where it is, night or day, minute by minute. In addition, our best-in-class fleet of vehicles will maintain your board at precisely the right temperature and keep it protected from any adverse movements by secure fastenings and air-ride suspension.

Once in situ, our specialist technical staff will unpack your whiteboard, inspect it and install it in its proposed location. All packaging and protective wrapping materials will be tidied up and taken away for disposal.

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