Complex Engineering Equipment – transportation and installation

Who can transport and install complex engineering equipment?’ Tech transport, technical logistics service with Relay

As complex engineering equipment and structural design requirements increase, so does the need to find specialist transportation services.


Our specialist system relocation teams are experts in heavy transportation solutions for complex engineering equipment and oversized cargo. Being well versed in this industry means that we are able to apply a different approach to any potential problems in order to find the right solution for you.

From oversized cargo, to thermal vacuum chambers, Relay have the knowledge and experience to ensure your transportation journey goes smoothly. We understand that your equipment is important, which is why our state of the art technology systems allows you to track your delivery in real time from start to finish. Additionally, our air cushioned and climate controlled vehicles means any delicate or complex engineering equipment can be relocated without concern.

We know that planning your journey is the best way to ensure minimal complications, and this is one of the reasons we conduct risk assessments. Taking into account narrow roads, problematic parking and any other issues that could arise, we take rigorous precautions to avoid any damage and maintain optimum performance at the end-user location.

Our specialist transport logistics team have strong engineering backgrounds, and make sure any technical devices are installed at the destination, ensuring that your equipment is up and running before our team leave.

As one of Britain’s leading transportation specialists we take the time to plan out your journey from start to finish. Our highly trained team of technicians are fully dedicated to successful outcomes from the start to the end of your journey with us.

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