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‘Who can transport and install Medical equipment?’ Tech transport, technical logistics service with Relay

Transporting medical equipment can involve a lot of time and planning in order to ensure the equipment is delivered and installed with precision and care. This can range from heavy equipment, such as MRI scan machines, to delicate or specialist appliances, such as surgical equipment.


Understanding the importance of all hospital equipment, and having the right expertise in the field are what makes Relay one of Britain’s largest transportation specialist services.

Medical equipment can pose specific and frequently unique challenges for those transporting or installing such specialist equipment, which is why our highly trained team are on hand in order to avoid any damage and maintain optimum performance at the end-user location.

At Relay, we pride ourselves on our vast and varied industry knowledge, with highly trained technicians and a well-regarded specialist systems relocations team. We deal with all areas of medical equipment transportation, and carefully plan our route in advance so that we can pre-empt potential risks such a narrow doorways, winding stairs and parking facilities.

Our vehicles are installed with the latest technology, such as climate control and air cushioned flooring to ensure your equipment is transported in a safe environment. We also understand that the importance of medical and hospital equipment means monitoring such journeys continually is crucial. Our services offer satellite tracking so that you can monitor your journey in real time, from start to finish.

As transportation specialists, we understand the transport logistics that go into every journey. With our highly trained team of technicians, we make sure our expertise and services are fully dedicated to successful outcomes from the start to the end of your journey with us.

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