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How can I get data racks collected, transported and installed safely?

Simple - by using the specialist technical transport services provided by Relay. We understand how critical data hardware is to the operational functionality of a business.  So we take the collection, transportation and installation of data racks and data hardware very seriously. Our technical logistics specialists will oversee and closely manage the entire end-to-end process.

Prior to collection we will undertake detailed route and schedule planning as well as pre-delivery site visits to survey the end location and to minimise any access or siting complications. This is especially important for larger data centre relocation projects and helps to reduce the equipment downtime as much as possible throughout every stage in the process of the transportation and installation of data racks and valuable IT hardware. 

Our comprehensive IT transport management process means your highly valued equipment can be monitored in real time – you will always know exactly where it is, night or day, minute by minute.  Our specialist best-in-class fleet of vehicles will maintain your data hardware at precisely the right temperature; protected from any adverse movements by air-ride suspension and secure fastenings.

Once at the end point, our specialist team members will work with the site survey information and end user technical staff to ensure that the data racks are fully operational and tested before decommissioning any redundant equipment and disposing of any packing materials.

As part of a full on data centre location project our team of experts will be on hand every step of the way to deal with the de-racking and re-racking requirements. However, when a full relocation is not needed our team can focus on other technical on the transportation and installation of data racks.  

All in all, you can be reassured that your indispensable data components will be in safe hands.

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