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Delivery of Technical Equipment | Relay

Technical Delivery

Relay has the ability to handle and deliver the full range of consignments from single carton to large volume shipments in a time critical manner. UK deliveries are carried out solely by our own specialist fleet of over 60 vehicles crewed by skilled Relay drivers and overseas assignments in collaboration with trusted operating partners.


Relay specialises in the movement and installation of large items of high value and frequently fragile electronic equipment and technical apparatus. This demands a level of experience and extensive resources beyond that required in other fields of transport and logistics. Our response to these requirements includes:

  • Dedicating substantial investment in equipment, in-vehicle security and IT support
  • Ensuring that our staff in every field of our operations are exceptionally well trained and qualified to deal with all types of technical delivery project
  • Ascertaining that our partners and agents operating on deliveries overseas maintain the same rigorous standards as we operate in the UK

This means that Relay can meet its promise to our customers that their valuable assets are always secure and in safe hands.

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Order Placement

Customers can book deliveries with Relay via EDI link, allowing for efficient and paperless transactions.

Audit Tracking

Relay has had full audit tracking installed for all its vehicles since 2004. Our system includes two main elements.

1) GPS satellite tracking, which shows the vehicle’s positioning on a detailed road map.

2) GPRS facilities, accessing immediate information on:

  • When the vehicle has been loaded
  • When the vehicle is en route to destination
  • When the vehicle has arrived on site
  • When the job has been completed


Relay crews can telephone the customer or end user directly to advise of an ETA in order to assist in the effective scheduling of engineers on site. These calls will normally take place 60 minutes prior to delivery but can be changed as per customer requirements

Handheld PDAs

Relay uses handheld PDAs with leading-edge diagnostic capabilities. Collecting POD information electronically, these provide capabilities for:

  • Track & trace
  • Auditing goods
  • End-user electronic signatures, viewable online
  • Electronic POD printouts
  • Built in Cameras
  • Built in Tom Tom Navigation tools
  • Scanning of all paperwork relating to POD 24 hours after delivery

For customers including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Vendors
  • Resellers
  • End users