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2 man Delivery in Transport and Logistics

Relay specialises in handling fragile and valuable electronic equipment and we are well aware that there is no room for error when dealing with our customer assets. Inevitably, these are vital to end users in sectors such as business, science and healthcare and secure damage-free transport and installation is essential.

Relay operates a 2 man delivery system in our transport and logistics assignments, with additional crew members added when required. With our skilled personnel and specialist handling equipment, we are able to ensure that we can collect and deliver heavy, delicate and awkward apparatus in a safe and secure way. Relay’s highly trained 2 man transportation specialist delivery teams are also very experienced in overcoming difficulties of access to the point of end use, such as winding stairways and narrow passages. 

The 2 man delivery process, when combined with the extensive resources that Relay provides for accurate planning, scheduling and tracking of consignments, ensures that our customers can have complete confidence in each and every installation project we undertake. The testimonials on our website consistently pay tribute to the commitment, professionalism and courtesy of our experienced 2 man transportation specialist crews.

Relay not only delivers to exact point of use but also ensures that equipment is fully operational, ready for use and that end users are fully versed in its use. Our crews have both the technical expertise to install and test a wide range of equipment and the communication skills to instruct end-user personnel how to operate their new asset.

Given the nature of the consignments that we specialise in handling, our customers require and deserve a particularly high level of advice and technical support. Our 2 man transportation specialist delivery crews play a vital role in making sure that they are not disappointed. 

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