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Who can transport and install laboratory equipment?

Once the decision to transport or relocate lab equipment has been made, careful planning for such a job is the next logical step. The range of laboratory equipment is varied, from basic apparatus to complex and analytical instrumentation.


However no matter the size or sophistication of the assets, every item requires great care and expertise in handling throughout the transport logistics process in order to avoid any damage and maintain optimum performance at the end-user location.

Lab equipment can be intricate, delicate, bulky and heavy, posing specific and frequently unique challenges for those involved in its transportation, re-location and installation. Indeed, moving laboratory equipment usually requires laboratory relocation specialists, in order to complete such a task.

Relay is one of the UK’s leading specialist transport companies and we are well versed in systems relocation of high value and fragile assets, including having long-standing experience in moving lab equipment. Dealing with consignments such as laboratory fridges, MSCs (Microbiological Safety Cabinets), fume cupboards and incubators frequently requires site surveys and risk assessments at end-user locations before deliveries take place. This is in order to identify access problems such as narrow doorways, winding stairways, restrictive parking facilities or any other aspects that could impede a smooth delivery and installation process. During transportation, our climate controlled and air cushioned vehicles can ensure any type of laboratory equipment is transported in a safe environment, with padded flooring, strapping and other key security measures to negate risk of damage. At Relay, we also understand that such important apparatus needs to be continually monitored in transit and we have the transport logistics management processes and satellite tracking technology to ensure that customers can check the progress of their consignments in real time.

Our crews are not only transportation specialists but also expert technicians. This means that they can frequently assist in the installation of a number of categories of lab equipment on arrival at the end-user destination, saving on the need for an engineer to be present. Their skills can include breaking down and reassembly to overcome access issues. At all times Relay personnel in every sector of our operations collaborate closely with both our customers that supply resources for laboratories and the end users of their products. We make sure that our expertise and services are fully dedicated to successful outcomes from the start to the end of your journey with us.

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