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Technical Storage Services

Delivering secure, safe and controlled hi-tech warehousing is an integral part of Relay services as a logistics company dedicated to handling valuable, sophisticated and fragile equipment. We provide extensive technical warehousing and specialist equipment storage facilities at three UK locations offering a nationwide service resourced to handle high value assets.

Technical equipment handling is a skill possessed by our staff to carry out your storage requirements. To complete the task properly, we ensure the correct equipment is used for the job, plan each task to minimise any identified risks and maintain and check our equipment regularly. 

As part of the technical equipment transport process, having a safe and secure location to store goods is important. Our warehouses are strategically placed to help your operation run smoothly. They offer a protected environment for customers or engineers to collect equipment, or a place to hold goods for a certain amount of time before they need to be delivered to their destination

Relay’s depots together offer over 100,000 square feet of technical storage facilities for the secure accommodation of fragile customer assets. This is supported by our experienced warehousing personnel with the specialist equipment handing skills and a range of technical resources geared to eliminate any risk of damage. Relay’s total storage solutions include:

  • Strategically situated warehouse locations
  • Climate controlled hi-tech warehousing
  • Computerised stock control
  • Stock rotation and pick and pack
  • Engineer testing and training areas
  • Controlled storage for optimum business logistics

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Relay’s warehousing facilities for the high value customer assets we regularly handle are comprehensively resourced to offer conditions of maximum security.

Protective measures at Relay's specialist equipment storage depots include:

  • Remotely monitored Redcare alarm systems
  • CCTV
  • Dome cameras and laser beams to detect any irregular activities
  • Window grilles and locks throughout the buildings
  • Tannoy systems outside to provide the constant ability to warn off trespassers
  • Strict procedures to follow when customers or their engineers wish to access or collect equipment

Testing and Training

Along with their value to a logistics company and its customers as hubs for specialist equipment storage and distribution, Relay’s depots also provide invaluable centres for on-site activities such as:

  • Engineer testing and training
  • Demonstration
  • Pre-delivery installation and refurbishment
  • PDI testing of equipment such as photocopiers and ATMs.

Total Specialist Equipment Storage Solutions

Storage of high value and frequently fragile equipment such as specialist hardware, IT equipment and consumables requires a range of specialist equipment handling skills from our logistics company personnel on site as well as high quality technical warehousing facilities. Relay’s total specialist equipment storage solutions include:

  •  Strategically situated warehouse locations
  •  Climate controlled hi-tech warehousing
  •  Computerised stock control
  •  Stock rotation and pick and pack
  •  Engineer testing and training areas
  •  Controlled storage for optimum business logistics

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Relay’s technical warehousing includes climate controlled racked storage facilities, computerised stock control, stock rotation and pick and pack. Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides high levels of inventory accuracy and gives customers online visibility of their stock levels through its web based reporting tools.

Relay Coatbridge


Relay's Scottish base is situated just outside Glasgow and approximately 30 miles from Edinburgh, with regular deliveries include to Scotland's Silicon Glen electronics production region stretching from Inverclyde in the west to Fife on the east coast

Order Processing

Order Processing

The WMS is fully integrated with our order processing software and can create real time pick instructions sent via radio frequency (RF) to barcode scanners where stock and locations will be scanned. This RF technology enables us to update order fulfilment and stock levels accurately and rapidly.

Relay Iver


Relay’s Buckinghamshire Head Office is situated near Heathrow Airport and close to the M40, M4 and M25 motorways. Areas served include London, locations to the west of the Capital and mainland Europe

Skilled Warehouse Personnel

Skilled Warehouse Personnel

Relay depots are staffed with expert technicians experienced in handling all types of consignment and logistical requirement. They are also well used to very tight scheduling.

Relay Warrington


Relay Warrington is close to the M6 between Liverpool and Manchester. It is ideally located for services to North Wales, Northern England and south to Birmingham