White Glove Delivery Plus

White Glove Delivery Plus

The term "white glove delivery" has become synonymous with a commitment to exceptional care and customer service. Within the transport and logistics industry, efficient and professional haulage companies aspire to uphold high service standards, with many incorporating elements of white glove delivery as a standard offering. 

However, for companies dealing with specialist transport services, especially those entrusted with handling expensive and delicate goods, the need for comprehensive expertise and service levels goes beyond conventional industry norms.

Caring for Essential Assets

Relay's workforce handles a wide range of critical equipment, ranging from medical scanners for hospitals to multifunctional printers (MFPs) for offices and audio-visual equipment for studios to vending machines for university canteens. Recognising the intrinsic value and importance of these items to end-users, Relay sets rigorous standards of care and attention to ensure the safe and optimal performance of the equipment throughout its journey.

Beyond White Glove Delivery

While white glove delivery is a hallmark of Relay's services, the company takes it a step further. The white glove approach is part of every facet of our operations, from technical warehousing to logistics. It goes beyond delivering excellence; it encompasses a commitment to adding value at every stage when the equipment is under our meticulous care.

Company Ambassadors

At the forefront of Relay's customer interactions are its delivery crews, who serve as ambassadors for the company. These teams are not only equipped with the requisite skills and experience in specialist equipment handling but also possess exceptional communication abilities. Beyond the technical expertise required for the job, Relay's crews are chosen for their friendly demeanour, ensuring positive and reassuring interactions with customers.


Exemplary Customer Experience

Testimonials from Relay's customers and recipients of its deliveries attest to the immense appreciation for the professionalism, friendliness, and communication skills of the company's crews and engineers. Customers consistently praise Relay for going beyond expectations, with crews not only installing and testing equipment proficiently but also ensuring end-users are confident in operating the installed equipment.

Relay's commitment to excellence in specialist transport services is not merely a commitment to deliver; it is a commitment to elevate industry standards. The white glove approach, which extends beyond conventional logistics, combined with a team of dedicated and skilled professionals, sets Relay apart as a leader in the field. As Relay continues to evolve and innovate, its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and asset care remains at the core of its operations, ensuring that every delivery is not just a service but an experience marked by reliability, expertise, and excellence. To find out more about the work we do please contact us.


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