White Glove Delivery Plus

White Glove Delivery Plus

The term “white glove delivery” has a widespread use in the transport and logistics sector, signifying a high quality of care and customer service undertaken when delivering products to end users. All efficient and professional haulage companies aspire to offer high service standards and many offer elements of white glove delivery in their services as a matter of course.


However, companies providing specialist transport services and handling consignments of expensive goods need to be more comprehensive in the levels of skill and service they offer their customers. This is especially true for Relay, where the customer assets we are entrusted with require exceptional capabilities and resources for specialist equipment handling.



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Dealing with essential assets

The range of high value, fragile and frequently bulky electronic equipment that Relay regularly collects, transports, delivers, installs and holds in storage requires rigorous standards of care and attention to ensure it is undamaged and performing as it should. The specialist transport services that Relay provides take into account that this equipment is not only very expensive but invariably essential to the end user’s operations. 

From medical scanners for hospitals to MFPs for offices and from Audio-visual equipment for studios to vending machines for university canteens, these items have great importance to those that need them. This is why Relay’s provision of specialist equipment handling goes beyond white glove delivery. The white glove approach covers our technical warehousing, logistics and every aspect of our operations. It is white glove delivery plus, adding value at all stages that the equipment is in our care.

Our company ambassadors

The members of the Relay team that people at the final destination most frequently encounter are our delivery crews, who have the task of bringing and installing the equipment in question at point of end use. They are literally ambassadors for our company, who are required to have not only skills and experience in specialist equipment handling but also the abilities to communicate with customers, giving them the confidence in operating the equipment that Relay has installed and tested.

Testimonials from our customers and people at delivery locations show an immense appreciation for how our crews and engineers are not only professional but also friendly, communicative and prepared to go the extra mile. We ensure that the crews undertaking our specialist transport services are fully equipped to carry out their tasks proficiently, but their communication skills are their own. As a company, this makes us very proud. 

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