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Whether shipping a single item or a full container load of equipment, a rigorous level of attention is required for international freight services by land, sea and air. These include meeting national customs regulations relating to the transit and delivery of each specific consignment to its overseas destination.

The UK’s Department for International Trade advises businesses to be aware of potential risks to exporters, which include “failing to comply with laws, regulations and customs that apply in the country to which you’re exporting.” It further adds that “who you work with both inside and outside your organisation should inform your decision-making.”

Relay’s customers can be fully confident in their decision to opt for our international freight forwarding services. We will deal with all requirements for global customs clearance, consular and documentation management relating to consignments of high value items such as business, medical and scientific equipment. 

Excellence without compromise

As well as providing the maximum safety, security and accurate tracking of customer assets at every stage, we will also make certain that the necessary paperwork and regulatory authorisations are efficiently processed to minimise delays. 

As part of our freight services, Relay will ensure that the correct consular documents and carnets are raised and will assist with the necessary letters of credit and SGS inspections. Our highly qualified agents and partners across the world will overcome any local language and communications challenges and can demonstrate exceptional expertise in assuring compliance with the regulations on import, safe handling and other issues in the country concerned. 

Our customers can be completely confident that our international logistics operations are fully robust and extremely competent. Relay’s sophisticated international logistics network can offer excellence without compromise anywhere in the world.

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