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Professional Packing - Ensuring safety and security of every consignment.

When it comes to handling high value fragile equipment such as MFPs, vending machines and medical scanners, there can be no such thing as damage limitation. Relay specialises in collecting, warehousing, transporting, delivering and installing these and similar valuable assets for our customers and we are constantly aware that there is no room for error in any aspect of our specialist freight services operations.

So we ensure that every project is carried out with the maximum care for the safety and security of every consignment. As part of our freight forwarding services, he same level of attention is applied to offshore and overseas assignments as those handled by every Relay technical transport centre on the UK mainland.

Relay vehicles are fitted with air ride suspension, climate control, tail-lifts, load-locking systems and a variety of specialist handling equipment. We are committed to ensuring our skilled delivery crews have the resources they require to carry out the most complex and difficult tasks.

Professional packing is critical to the secure transport of delicate and valuable electronic equipment and constitutes a vital part of our freight forwarding services. We make sure that every item is packed using appropriate materials such as cardboard, plastic, foam, shrink wrap and anti-static bubble wrap. Relay warehousing staff at our network of technical transport centre depots are very experienced with pick and pack procedures and in applying the right methods of protection for different types of apparatus.

When valuable customer assets are collected from a Relay technical transport centre, safety in transit becomes the major concern. To afford maximum protection, Relay vehicles carry a variety of on-board equipment such as specialist straps, foam, blankets and corner pieces to secure and protect our customer assets. 

Professional packing freight services from Relay

We were also probably one of the first companies involved in haulage and freight services to operate vehicles with climate control in the load space. This is particularly important for sophisticated electronics in transit, which require an even ambient temperature to avoid potential malfunctions.

In short, at every stage from collection to installation at end user premises, we take every measure to ensure that equipment arrives completely undamaged and fully functioning. 

Additionally, Relay delivery crews will take away all redundant packaging can also remove decommissioned equipment for disposal in strict accordance with legal requirements. We are determined to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and service in every aspect of our specialist freight services operations.



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