Specialist Freight Forwarding Services and Consignment Tracking

Secure management and tracking of all freight forwarding consignments

It is always reassuring to know, in real time and at any time, where your valuable consignment is at any point on its journey.


At Relay, we have a dedicated team of highly trained technicians and relocation specialists, who are well versed in transporting a variety of consignments which are frequently delicate and cumbersome. We pride ourselves on our freight forwarding services, and understand that having peace of mind with your valuable deliveries is important. This is why our comprehensive consignment management and tracking systems allow our clients to view the location of their delivery in real time.

Our comprehensive end-to-end transport IT management system means that every consignment is given a unique reference number which can be tracked using GPRS technology. A web-based POD (Proof of Delivery) retrieval interface provides regular status updates on your shipments.

At Relay we offer a fully integrated service, from the transportation to the installation at the end user location for our clients. We aim to deliver our customers with a solution that suits their shipping needs, handling international deliveries and installations with ease and precision.

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