Specialist freight services

Specialist freight services

Freight forwarding is a service industry that involves the movement of goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters. Freight forwarders specialise in moving cargo and arrange customs clearance of goods, ensure and maintain all correct documentation and oversee cargo packing.

The current market size of the freight forwarding industry in 2023 is £19.6bn and the market size of the Freight Forwarding & Customs Agents industry is expected to increase by 3.9% in 2023. Furthermore according to research, the number of business premises classified as “freight transport by road” and “postal and courier activities” increased by 114% and 147%, respectively, between 2011 and 2021.

specialist freight services

There are a lot of specialist freight services which are required to carry out a successful freight forwarding project. And here at Relay Technical Transport we offer:

Freight services from Relay

Professional packing

Our technical equipment handlers are used to transporting valuable equipment, handling high value fragile equipment such as MFPs, vending machines and medical scanners, there can be no such thing as damage limitation. We specialise in collecting, warehousing, transporting, delivering and installing this equipment and similar valuable assets for our customers and we are constantly aware that there can be no errors or delays during the freight forwarding process. 

Air exports and imports

At Relay, we have a dedicated team of highly trained technicians and relocation specialists, who are well versed in transporting a variety of consignments. Our tracking systems allow us and our clients to know where their cargo is and helps us conduct controlled exports and imports via air.  

Sea freight

Relay not only provides a safe and secure freight service when it comes to air and road travel, but the sea as well. Our specialist transportation team of technicians are able to transport consignments safely to their end user location via boat, installing the equipment where necessary so that business operations do not get impacted. 

Road transport

As well as assuring the safety and security of assets being transported and delivered through the technical handling skills of our crews and the equipment we provide for them, Relay also needs to prioritise effective project and journey management. This ensures that the best routes are mapped out well in advance of journey times and alternative plans can be made in case of emergencies. 

Customs clearance

Randy Troyer of GenTech Scientific (Arcade, NY) said: “The restrictions are more or less on the paperwork for international shipping. Any small mess-ups on paperwork can be costly and time consuming with the associated delays.”  This highlights the importance of customs clearance and how it should be handled by professionals. 

The businesses we work with can be fully confident in their decision to opt for our international freight forwarding services. This is because we will deal with all requirements for global customs clearance, consular and documentation management relating to consignments of high value items such as business, medical and scientific equipment. 

Local installation 

Having a trusted overseas network of agents on the ground and familiar with local regulations is extremely important and means that we are able to respond quickly and effectively should arrangements need to deviate, for whatever reason.

Working with us

With the demand for specialist freight services growing, we are continuously looking to improve our freight forwarding offering to ensure that all of the goods we handle are well protected and delivered on time to their end destination. If you would like to find out how we can help your business then please contact us now.

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