What transporting high value equipment requires

What transporting high value equipment requires

High value equipment does not just relate to how much it costs, but is also to do with how much value any given item will give to the end user receiving the delivery. This type of equipment can ensure that day to day business operations run smoothly, and therefore should be handled with care and precision during every stage of its journey. 

2 man delivery transport service

The process of transporting high value equipment can include many different stages, including:

  • Collection

Technical equipment collections can be the starting point of any transportation process, and will need to ensure the safe handling of goods. This can involve the use of specialist equipment and vehicles containing on-board equipment such as straps, foams and corner pieces. 

  • Storage

Delivering secure, safe and controlled hi-tech warehousing is an integral part of any transportation project whereby a delivery is not needed right away. Extensive technical warehousing and specialist equipment storage facilities can ensure that high value equipment is being kept in a secure location before it gets delivered. These facilities will also use the correct equipment to offload and move high value goods. 

  • Delivery

Having the ability to handle and deliver high value equipment in a time critical manner will allow the end user to focus on their operations, rather than worrying if a major delivery will arrive or not. Delivery routes should be planned well in advance so that any traffic delays can easily be avoided. 

  • Installation

The range of high value and fragile equipment requiring installation can be incredibly wide and varied and requires specialist knowledge and handling skills in order to eliminate the possibilities of damage. The work required when installing equipment can include:

  • Plug-in, Power-up and Green Button Test
  • Installation of peripherals
  • Networking
  • Driver download
  • Customer demonstration

Here at Relay we handle a wide range of technical and sophisticated equipment, such as medical apparatus and computer equipment. This equipment is vulnerable to damage and requires exceptional care in handling at all stages of the transportation process. Safety of high value equipment is our top priority. 

Transporting high value equipment safely

The safety of goods in transit is a crucial factor to the success of transporting high value equipment. Long duration of travel increases the risk factors and the use of appropriate types of packaging helps in protecting the goods in transit.

Some types of high value equipment also require special facilities such as refrigeration or special security measures that need to be taken into consideration. With such emphasis placed upon safety, the need for rigorous planning and the correct deployment of personnel is extremely important and is why all Relay transportation specialists have the knowledge, experience and equipment to be able to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our transportation teams have extensive experience in the transport and logistics relating to the specialist area dealing with fragile high value equipment that is frequently heavy and awkward to handle. They place all of their efforts into ensuring the safety and security of customer assets throughout every journey they undertake. If you would like to find out more about what our transportation procedures involve then please contact us now.

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