Server relocation

Server relocation

Relocating a whole office is inevitably a major project for a business to undertake. It is vital that disruption to day-to-day activities is minimised and staff are able to operate effectively as soon as possible.

Office relocation projects therefore require meticulous planning and preparation, not least in the transport of equipment. There will be many important and delicate items, such as servers, printers and other IT resources which will need careful handling to avoid damage. Transporting and installing a server room will be a priority during many office relocations and its safe installation and subsequent optimum performance of its equipment will be a necessity for any organisation to function efficiently and effectively.

server relocation

When moving high value IT consignments it is important to operate a seamless process which delivers the requirements of the customer. This will enable an efficient server relocation project to be carried out, with minimal downtime and disruption to IT operations. 

Here at Relay we are an experienced transportation company who specialise in handling delicate and valuable electronic equipment. This means we are able to deal with the challenges of a server location project, such as:

  • Safety of transport: Our fleet of high quality Mercedes-Benz vehicles are fully equipped to ensure the safety and security of customer assets. The vehicles we use are all climate controlled, with air cushioning, strapping and protective flooring to avoid the risk of damage, and make sure your equipment arrives safely. Tail lifts assist our crews in ensuring safe loading and unloading at points of collection and delivery.
  • Equipment handling: Relay delivery crews are highly experienced in the handling of vulnerable electronics and are fully resourced with equipment to overcome any potential obstacles at the point of end use.
  • The layout of the new server room: Relay has undertaken a wide range of server relocation projects and will be able to undertake the configuration of equipment to make the most efficient use of the space available. This will include accommodating other hardware equipment such as computers, printers and photocopiers.
  • Installing new technology: Relay crews are fully qualified engineers and technicians, able to position, install and test all types of electronic equipment and to assist end user staff in its use whenever necessary.
  • Monitoring & Contingency planning: Our comprehensive IT transport management process allows us to track every consignment being transported in real time. This ensures that customers are always aware of the journey status of their equipment and its estimated time of delivery at its destination. Relay’s advanced tracking and monitoring and communications technology also allows us to plan for any contingencies that could affect scheduling.

We fully understand the requirements of a server relocation project and will carefully plan each stage of the journey down to the last detail. If you would like to find out more about our server relocation services please contact us now.

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