What do freight companies do?

What do freight companies do?

Moving important and expensive equipment overseas is a crucial activity required by many successful businesses. It might seem like a complicated process to undertake, however it can present great business opportunities.

Freight companies are in charge of organising the storage and shipping of goods on behalf of other companies. It is their job to decide the best mode of transport and have the assets ready for transportation to take place. They take care of the paperwork and regulations involved with moving cargos such as valuable equipment internationally.

It is the job of freight companies to arrange the smooth shipment of goods from one location to another. They are able to utilise established connections with carriers to ensure the safety of any equipment being transported.

Here at Relay we offer specialist freight services which include:

  • Professional packing: Our vehicles are fitted with air ride suspension, climate control, tail-lifts, load-locking systems and a variety of specialist packing materials and handling equipment.
  • Tracking exports and imports: We offer monitoring systems that enable you to ascertain the status and location of your valuable cargo anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Sea Freight: Our sea freight services include a vast and varied range of elements, from preparing the shipping and export documents to providing our customers with warehousing and arranging insurance.
  • Road Transport: Relay has ensured that our fleet offers the maximum flexibility to meet any road transport requirements.
  • Global customs clearance: We deal with all requirements for global customs clearance, consular and documentation management relating to consignments of high value items such as business, medical and scientific equipment.
  • Local installation: Having a trusted overseas network of agents on the ground that are familiar with local regulations, customs and language is extremely reassuring.

If you are thinking about how to transport technical equipment overseas, however bulky and fragile it may be, then our team of freight forwarding specialists would be delighted to hear from you.

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