How does freight forwarding work

How does freight forwarding work?

Freight forwarding is the worldwide coordination and shipment of goods from one destination to another by a single or by multiple carriers via air, sea, rail or road.

The process requires an extensive amount of planning and organising, requiring a dedicated network of freight forwarding agents to carry out a range of activities. These tasks could include professional packing and the local installation of technical equipment potentially affected by foreign climatic conditions. 

how does freight forwarding work

The company tasked with the role of freight forwarding does not participate in the majority of actually moving the cargo. They would usually be involved at the start and end of the process. It is their job to systematically coordinate the movement of technical equipment between a shipper and various transportation services such as ships, planes, trains and commercial vehicles.  

Freight forwarding companies will have a database of reliable organisations that they have worked with before to call upon when required. They will know how best to cater for the transportation of large equipment, resulting in as little trouble as possible. 

A professional freight forwarder will also know what paperwork and licences are required for certain goods within the countries they are being moved to and from. By using a freight forwarding company with such experience, you would be knowingly placing your trust in a well-structured operation which will save you the time and hassle of moving the equipment by your own means. 

Here at Relay we are able to offer a full range of freight forwarding services which will handle any requirements no matter how large or small. Our worldwide networks have extensive experience in handling high value fragile equipment, and they would deal with your goods with the utmost care and precision.

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