UK haulage companies

UK haulage companies

Road haulage services are crucial for numerous businesses throughout the UK, especially for those needing to transport large, technical, and delicate items like medical equipment, data systems, and IT hardware. Ensuring that these critical deliveries arrive on time and in perfect condition is essential. This is where expert specialist road transport companies should be used, offering:

  • Domestic and International Freight Transportation: Road haulage companies excel in managing both domestic and international freight. With a thorough knowledge of local regulations, infrastructure, and customs procedures, they guarantee the smooth and hassle-free delivery of goods. Whether it's within a single country or across borders, these companies leverage their expertise to provide efficient, cost-effective transportation solutions.
  • Temperature-Controlled Transportation: Specialising in temperature-controlled transportation, many road haulage companies ensure the safe and reliable delivery of perishable goods such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as environmental sensitive equipment. With state-of-the-art refrigerated vehicles, they maintain precise temperature control throughout the journey, preserving the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

Efficient and reliable services

  • Warehousing and Distribution: Complementing their transportation services, road haulage companies often provide comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions. Operating strategically located warehouses equipped with modern facilities, they offer efficient storage and handling of goods. By integrating warehousing and distribution into their services, UK haulage companies ensure seamless supply chain management for their clients.
  • Shipment Tracking: Advanced management processes enable companies to monitor the exact location of deliveries at any point in their journey. This capability helps identify potential delays and allows for route adjustments in case of road closures or traffic issues.

Road haulage companies in the UK are indispensable in the transportation industry, offering efficient and reliable services that facilitate the movement of goods. With their extensive networks, advanced logistics solutions, and dedication to customer satisfaction, these companies provide a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors.

At Relay Technical Transport, we offer all these services and more. As a specialist transport services company, we lead the market in planning, scheduling, collecting, handling, storing, and moving delicate and valuable electronic equipment. If you need assistance with transporting technical goods, please contact us.

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Relay Coatbridge


Relay's Scottish base is situated just outside Glasgow and approximately 30 miles from Edinburgh, with regular deliveries include to Scotland's Silicon Glen electronics production region stretching from Inverclyde in the west to Fife on the east coast

Relay Iver


Relay’s Buckinghamshire Head Office is situated near Heathrow Airport and close to the M40, M4 and M25 motorways. Areas served include London, locations to the west of the Capital and mainland Europe

Relay Warrington


Relay Warrington is close to the M6 between Liverpool and Manchester. It is ideally located for services to North Wales, Northern England and south to Birmingham