Transporting High Value Equipment

Transporting High Value Equipment

When Relay uses the term “high value equipment” for the type of customer assets we specialise in transporting, the value is not just related to the equipment’s cost. Equally and often more important, is how much value any given item will offer to the end user receiving the delivery.

The equipment we deal with on a daily basis is sophisticated, vulnerable to damage and requires exceptional care in handling at all stages of any collection, storage, delivery and installation process.

transporting high value equipment

It is also more than likely to be vital to the operation of a business, the functioning of a laboratory, as a support for schoolteachers or one of the many other types of workplace we regularly visit. There is never any margin for error.

But how should high value equipment be transported?

With items of high value and high importance, such as technological assets, medical apparatus, and AV equipment, the need for rigorous planning and the correct deployment of personnel is coupled with the demands for accurate scheduling and working within agreed budgets.

It is always important that any complex logistical task is carried out by professional transportation specialists who have the knowledge, experience and equipment to be able to guarantee a successful outcome.

This is particularly vital when dealing with high value assets that are vulnerable to damage. Professional transportation companies will be able to use high-tech packaging solutions and vehicles specially designed to create a “safety blanket” around fragile equipment in transit.

Transporting high value cargo

Furthermore, professional logistics and transportation companies, when transporting high value cargo, will know the correct equipment to use for each job when loading and offloading fragile equipment into and out of a vehicle.

Additionally, their staff will be fully trained and experienced in the handling of valuable and delicate items, ensuring peace of mind for the end user from the confidence of knowing that their equipment is in the safest hands possible.

Delivery with excellence

Here at Relay we have extensive experience in the transport and logistics relating to the specialist area dealing with fragile high value equipment that is frequently heavy and awkward to handle. This can range from office equipment such as photocopiers and MFPs to sophisticated apparatus for telecommunications.

We have made significant investments on advanced technology to track the status of every consignment that goes through our hands. Customer assets are continually monitored, whether they are in storage at our hi-tech warehousing facilities or being carried in transit from collection to delivery by our customised and specially equipped Mercedes-Benz HGV and LCV vehicles.

The safety and security of customer assets are paramount throughout every project we undertake, both in the UK and internationally via our worldwide freight forwarding network.

Our delivery crews are also skilled engineers and technicians, who are experienced at the siting, installation and operational testing of a wide range of valuable equipment, such as:

  • Coffee machines: Commercial coffee machines are important to a number of different user, such as cafés, restaurants and staff canteens.
  • Av equipment: AV equipment is needed to stage productions, shows, and events and the success of them can be down to having the right equipment set up on time.
  • IT hardware: Moving computer equipment requires high levels of skill from transportation experts in order to avoid damage.
  • Medical equipment: Hospitals and medical centres work with high tech lifesaving apparatus every day.
  • Interactive whiteboards: Hospitals and medical centres work with high tech lifesaving apparatus every day.


  1. How does Relay define "high value equipment"? Relay considers high value equipment not only in terms of cost but also in terms of the value it offers to the end user. This includes equipment vital to business operations, educational settings, and other workplaces.
  2. What types of high value equipment does Relay specialise in transporting? Relay specialises in transporting sophisticated and fragile equipment such as medical apparatus, AV equipment, office equipment, and various other heavy and delicate items.
  3. How does Relay ensure the safe transportation of high value equipment? Relay ensures safe transportation through rigorous planning, deployment of trained personnel, accurate scheduling, and adherence to agreed budgets. We use high-tech packaging solutions, specially designed vehicles, and trained staff to handle fragile and valuable items with care.
  4. What sets Relay apart from other transportation companies in handling high value cargo? Relay's extensive experience, investment in advanced technology, and skilled delivery crews who are also engineers and technicians set us apart. We offer comprehensive tracking of consignments, safe storage facilities, and a worldwide freight forwarding network for international shipments.
  5. What types of industries and businesses benefit from Relay's transportation services? A wide range of industries, including healthcare and IT benefit from Relay's services. Businesses requiring the safe delivery and installation of critical appliances such as medical equipment, IT hardware, and coffee machines can rely on Relay's expertise.

The work we do starts from the moment Relay becomes your technical transport partner of choice. There are many businesses across a wide range of industry sectors that require the safe delivery of critical appliances, and we can help. If you are looking for a transportation specialist to carry out the delivery of high value equipment then please get in touch now.

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