White glove delivery service

White glove delivery service

The phrase “white glove delivery” is a well-known term in the transport and logistics sector, signifying a high quality of care when delivering products to end users. Efficient and professional haulage companies will provide high service standards and offer elements of white glove delivery in their services as a matter of course.

Companies providing specialist transport solutions and handling consignments of expensive goods need to be comprehensive in the levels of skill and service they offer their customers. Customer assets that are extremely valuable require exceptional capabilities and resources when it comes to transporting them safely.

Transporting fragile equipment

The range of high value, fragile and frequently bulky electronic equipment that requires white glove delivery levels of service is vast. Therefore rigorous standards of care and attention will be needed for the collection, transportation, delivery and installation of fragile and valuable equipment. This will ensure any equipment is undamaged and performing as it should.

The value of equipment is not only determined by cost, but also by how essential a piece is to an end user’s operations. From medical scanners for hospitals to MFPs for offices and from audio-visual equipment for studios to vending machines for university canteens, these all have great importance to those that need them. The white glove approach is required for such items and will cover warehousing, logistics and every aspect of the delivery process. Adding value to each stage of the process will ensure that the end user is receiving the best levels of service possible.

What we do

Our team of transportation specialists have the task of delivering and installing the equipment in question at point of end use. They not only have the skills and experience in specialist equipment handling but also the abilities to communicate with customers, ensuring that the equipment is installed correctly and in the right place.

The work our crews do ensures

  • High quality customer service

Our white glove delivery services ensure a quality customer service. The work carried out by our team means there is no stress for customers who can use a variety of tracking information to know exactly where their delivery is at any time.

  • More than just delivery

While the core part of a delivery is getting the item to the customer, white glove delivery can offer more. For example, if the item being delivered is a vending machine to a university, the service might involve taking the vending machine to the correct room or hallway, removing the packaging and ensuring it is in place correctly before leaving. The packaging will then be taken away and disposed of correctly.

If your business would like to benefit from our white glove delivery service then please contact us now.

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