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Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery, or final mile delivery, are terms frequently used in logistics to describe the efficient movement of goods from a distribution hub to the point of end use. In our specialist field of transporting high value, vulnerable and frequently bulky electronic equipment, we have always provided our customers with the very highest quality standards of last mile delivery service. In fact, we would claim that we “go the extra mile” in every assignment we undertake.

last mile delivery

The nature of the customer assets we handle, from multifunctional printers (MFPs) to laboratory fridges and from coffee machines to audio-visual equipment means that speed and efficiency are only parts of the logistics requirement. These customer assets are very valuable, not only in financial terms but frequently they are essential for businesses, healthcare institutions, colleges and other end user establishments that requested them. We are continually conscious of these facts with every movement we handle.

So in transit from the first mile to the last mile, delivery of each consignment is closely monitored by our sophisticated tracking technology. In this way our customers know the status of their property accurately at every stage of the journey. They have full visibility in real time from start to finish.

Furthermore, final mile delivery services from Relay means that the equipment we handle is not only delivered to the end user location without any damage but our crews will install it at the actual point of end use, test it to confirm it is fully operational and train staff in its use whenever necessary. Companies often maintain that their people are their greatest asset, and that is certainly true of Relay.

Our crews are not only highly skilled at handling all types of electronic equipment but are also highly skilled engineers and technicians. They know what they’re doing and are committed to doing it with exceptional skill.

Relay’s delivery crews represent our company to those they meet at the end-user destination, and they do it extremely well. They not only have specialist expertise and experience in bulky and fragile electronic equipment of all kinds but also the ability to communicate with customers. Our crews have the knowledge, ability and commitment to give people the full confidence to operate the equipment that Relay has installed and tested.

Testimonials from our customers and businesses at delivery locations consistently reveal how our crews and engineers are not only professional but also friendly, communicative and prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of each project. We can ensure that our delivery crews are fully equipped with the resources to carry out their assignments efficiently and successfully, but their communication skills are their personal achievement and are an invaluable asset to Relay Technical Transport.

Please contact us at any time to find out more about our extensive last mile/final mile delivery services.

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