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Road Transport

Invariably, our customers entrust equipment to us that is vital in their work in business, education, healthcare and other sectors. Customer assets such as MFPs, IT servers and laboratory equipment are highly valuable, frequently very fragile and make up freight transport shipments that end users must have rather than might need. 

As well as assuring the safety and security of assets being transported and delivered through the skills of our crews and the equipment we provide for them, Relay also needs to prioritise effective project and journey management. The ways we successfully carry out our specialist freight services include:

  • Maintaining agreed delivery schedules
  • Utilising manpower and resources as effectively as possible
  • Managing operating costs efficiently, including fuel consumption
  • Minimising the environmental impact of our road transport operations

Relay has always been an early adopter of technology such as the latest tracking and PDA systems, but the composition of our vehicle fleet and crew allocation also play a vital logistical role in meeting our specialist freight transport objectives.

The high quality of nationwide operations extends seamlessly across international borders through Relay's freight forwarding services. Working in close collaboration with our long-standing freight forwarding partner Tech Cargo, and using our worldwide network of trusted local agents, Relay ensures that we can offer exceptional "one partner - no boundaries" freight forwarding services.

Flexibility and Planning

Relay has ensured that our fleet offers the maximum flexibility to meet a wide range of road transport requirements.

Strategies adopted in our freight services have included increasing load capacity and grouping loads when possible to cut costs, rationalise delivery planning and minimise wastage. Increased load capacity means fewer journeys, which in turn reduces fuel consumption, benefitting the environment as well as making our supply chain solutions more competitive for our customers. Additionally, the vehicles we acquire always fulfil the highest environmental specifications.

For handling larger consignments by road transport, our Mercedes Atego 12 tonne and 18 tonne trucks offer an excellent load capacity. These dual-compartment vehicles are fitted to Relay’s bespoke specifications to ensure equipment safety and security. We have also changed the sleeper cabs to crew cabs, so that an extra crew member can travel in the vehicles when required.

Furthermore, our 13.6 metre double-decked trailers are making an important contribution to the efficiency of our nationwide freight transport trunking and delivery operations. With a 10- tonne top-deck load capacity and 2-tonne tolerance over the swan neck, each trailer is capable of carrying approx. 120 mid-range machines such as PDI photocopiers.

The frequent need to carry out road transport operations in highly congested urban areas makes our extra lightweight 7.5 tonne trucks equally invaluable. The exceptionally well designed load area of these vans allows for between one and 1.2 tonnes more goods on board than could normally be expected in vehicles of this tonnage.

With a diverse fleet of over 60 top quality Mercedes vehicles, Relay can be confident in meeting its road transport priorities successfully and with maximum benefits to our clients and minimal disruption to the communities in which we operate our nationwide specialist freight services.

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