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Local Installation Overseas

Relay is a leader in the logistics sector for the transport and handling of high value and frequently fragile assets ranging from MFPs to medical scanners and from telecommunications equipment to vending machines. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer our customers a single port of call for all their requirements. We call it being “one partner with no boundaries.”

This extends to our worldwide freight forwarding network, where our aim is to provide our customers with the same high quality of service as they experience in our UK transport and logistics operations. The people that work for us on the ground in other countries need to be committed to Relay’s principles of service excellence and have the skills to fulfil them. We are proud to say that the agents and associates used by Relay in destinations across the world match up to our rigorous standards in every way.

One of the benefits that our UK customers will be familiar with is the fact that we position and install equipment at the point of use, ensuring that it is fully functional and that the end user is instructed on how to operate it. This is particularly important, as invariably the asset we have delivered is essential for the business, hospital, university or other location which requires it.

Services at point of use

Ensuring that those responsible for local installations overseas on behalf of Relay is a major priority of our freight forwarding services. With over 40 years of experience in our specialised field of logistics, we have built up a trusted international network of well-resourced and well-qualified contacts. 

This ensures we can offer end users overseas the same local installation service levels in any country as they would experience from our operations in the UK. They will receive a highly competent delivery and installation coupled with the information and personal attention required to give them complete confidence in operating their new equipment.

The local installation services Relay can offer its freight forwarding customers stretches across every continent. They consistent in quality worldwide, which is why we can claim to be “one partner with no boundaries.”

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