What do Road Haulage Companies do?

What do Road Haulage Companies do?

Road haulage services are of vital importance for many businesses across the UK. Many large, technical and delicate items such as medical equipment, data systems and IT hardware require transporting and distributing to different locations.

what do haulage companies do

It is the role of road haulage companies to ensure the safe collection and delivery of these assets. They provide a wide range of services which enable any piece of cargo to be protected from damage. The type of work they provide includes:

  • Collection: Collecting valuable items consists of carefully checking consignments to obtain the correct number of items for delivery. Technical handling of goods will be required when securing equipment safely into the vehicle. The most effective loading process for each individual job will be used for maximum efficiency.
  • Storage: Road haulage companies should have high quality technical storage facilities to hold your equipment if needed. Having a safe and secure location to store goods is important so that they can be held for the required certain amount of time before they need to be delivered to their destination.
  • Transport: The best road haulage companies will place a high priority on safety, operational excellence, fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions reduction during the transportation process. The transport and logistics sector plays a vital role for the economy and society as a whole and is continuously looking to reduce its carbon footprint. This will provide customers with a quality service and peace of mind knowing their valuable equipment is in safe hands.
  • Delivery: When delivering items to their destination it is important the correct equipment is used to offload them safely. Each asset should also be positioned to the final point of use as instructed by the customer.

Here at Relay we provide all of these services and more. We are a specialist transport services company with many years’ experience, allowing us to adapt and perfect our transportation technique, ranging from the vehicles we use through to the size of our crews.

If you would like to find out more about what we offer and how we can help with your technical transportation requirements then please get in touch with us.

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