European logistics services

European logistics services

Logistics involves organising the complex movement of goods or equipment from the collection point to the end user. It involves more than just transporting goods, because factors such as insurance, storage and regulations need to be thought about.

It is an industry which connects businesses together and forms an integral supply chain for certain operations to run smoothly. This is no different within Europe, which is one of the world’s most connected regions.

Europe is viewed as an ideal shipping hub for many companies looking to transport goods overseas. In order for the smooth movement of equipment to continue, European logistics services are going to need to be provided by specialist transport companies.

They will be called upon to deliver:

  • Warehousing services: Many companies will use their own warehouses to store goods before they are needed to be transported. They can also be flexible if required and use space provided by other companies around Europe.
  • Freight shipping: The most efficient modes of transport to move valuable items across Europe will be used. This can be via sea, air, train or road and the transit method for each consignment will be planned and implemented uniquely.
  • Logistics management services: Premier European logistics companies will offer highly skilled logistics management services incorporating planning, controlling and executing the movement of cargo.

As an experienced specialist logistics company, we pride ourselves on meeting tight deadlines and any requirements for handling high value customer assets in full and without compromise. Relay is a leader in the provision of technical logistics relating to the transport and delivery of vulnerable equipment and our staff have the skills to ensure that your goods are handled and delivered securely.

If you require any logistics services to be carried in the UK or further afield across Europe, please contact us now to find out how we can help.

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