The transportation and installation of medical equipment

Relay Technical Transport is available to transport and install your medical equipment during the coronavirus crisis. It is important this valuable equipment is handled with the utmost care and precision. Our range of resources and experience of our crews enables this process to take place efficiently and safely amidst the uncertainty created by the pandemic. 

The transportation and installation of medical equipment is a vital activity taking place at present, and enabling hospitals and healthcare centres to have the right equipment available for their requirements is particularly essential during this emergency.

Hospital equipment can be difficult to transport and install, usually requiring a specialist systems relocation team, particularly when it comes to the transportation of blood storage equipment.

Relay is well versed in systems relocation of high value and fragile assets, including having long-standing experience in moving lab equipment..

Transporting medical equipment must be undertaken with rigorous attention and installation carried out with precision and care. This applies right across the range of medical assets, from heavy equipment, such as MRI scan machines, to delicate or specialist appliances, such as surgical equipment.

Our specialist transport services include both transporting the items of medical equipment and carefully planning everything involved in the delivery process.

This procedure ranges from the logistics for ensuring real-time monitoring of every consignment through to making sure our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, such as climate control and air cushioned flooring to ensure your equipment is transported in a safe environment.

Throughout these testing times Relay are making sure your orders are delivered on time and with care, following all of the government safety, hygiene and social distancing guidelines. 

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