International freight services

International freight services

International freight services involve the safe and secure shipment of goods from one destination to another via a range of transport methods such as air, sea, rail and road. There are many issues which can occur when transporting goods overseas and these can become more complex when dealing with valuable equipment. Challenges can include overcoming language barriers, dealing with local regulations, meeting the need for long distance communication and having a lack of direct control.

Furthermore, in the ever-evolving global marketplace, businesses face additional challenges such as fluctuating fuel costs, geopolitical uncertainties, and unexpected disruptions like natural disasters and pandemics. These factors can significantly impact the efficiency and reliability of international freight services. Therefore, it becomes even more critical for businesses to partner with a freight forwarding company that not only possesses the required expertise in logistics but also has the flexibility and adaptability to handle unpredictable situations.

With this in mind, it is important that businesses use a specialist freight forwarding company that has a tried and trusted network of overseas partners and agents to help with the shipment of goods. This is because they will know the best local transportation routes to take and have the resources to ensure that deliveries are made on time and without any damage.

Here at Relay, we supply our clients with the highest quality of international freight services. We have the experience, resources and expertise to deal with the technical collection, delivery, and installation of valuable and fragile customer assets from AV Equipment to Vending Machines and MFPs to High End Motorbikes.

Our team of dedicated freight forwarding specialists works tirelessly to analyse each journey meticulously, ensuring the selection of the most suitable vehicle and mode of transport for each shipment. We are well-prepared and adequately resourced to handle any project our customers require, no matter the size or complexity.

We have a 24-hour service that brings together a worldwide network of experienced, highly qualified and trusted agents. Our team of freight forwarding specialists will carefully analyse each journey, making sure that the right vehicle and mode of transport is selected for each.

As part of our international freight service we offer a professional packing service to ensure the safety and security of every consignment - this is a critical element to any journey in the safe and secure handling of goods. If you are looking for a transportation company to provide international freight services for the safe movement of your valuable equipment, then please get in touch today.

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Relay Coatbridge


Relay's Scottish base is situated just outside Glasgow and approximately 30 miles from Edinburgh, with regular deliveries include to Scotland's Silicon Glen electronics production region stretching from Inverclyde in the west to Fife on the east coast

Relay Iver


Relay’s Buckinghamshire Head Office is situated near Heathrow Airport and close to the M40, M4 and M25 motorways. Areas served include London, locations to the west of the Capital and mainland Europe

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Relay Warrington is close to the M6 between Liverpool and Manchester. It is ideally located for services to North Wales, Northern England and south to Birmingham