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Who can transport and install postal equipment?’ Tech transport, technical logistics service with Relay

As transportation specialists, we are well versed in transporting and installing a range of delicate and heavy equipment and machinery.


Our transportation specialists are here to ensure your delivery runs smoothly and equipment is installed on arrival with ease and precision.

If you’re looking for a specialist company to transport any mailing equipment or postal systems, Relay specialise in transporting specialist equipment, such as franking systems, guillotines and MTE (mailing transport equipment).

As one of the UK’s leading specialist transport companies, Relay are well versed in systems relocation, particularly when it comes to heavy or awkward equipment. Having long standing experience with relocating and transporting postal systems and mailing equipment means we are able to understand exactly what needs to be put in place in order to ensure your delivery is completed without issue.

In order to identify potential problems, such as narrow doorways, restrictive stairways or problematic parking facilities, we take the time to plan out your route, from picking up your equipment, right up to the final destination and installation. We understand that your equipment is important to you, and because of this, our specialist vehicles come with real time satellite tracking technology to ensure our customers can track the progress of their consignments. Additionally, our air cushioned vehicles also come with padded flooring and other key security measures to negate any risk of damage along the way.

Our specialist systems relocation team are expert technicians, and can assist in all technical issues, over a range of categories. Our transportation specialists’ skills include breaking down and reassembling technical equipment, and are on call to answer any questions you may have.

At Relay we pride ourselves on our expertise and specialist transportation services to ensure your time and journey with us is successful.

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